Platform for foreign students in Switzerland Platform for foreign students in Switzerland StudyBenefits offers analysis, support and advice for foreign students in Switzerland at an attractive price.
Individual services, packages or custom offers StudyBenefits offers individual service, packages or custom solultions. We can support parents during their childrens stay abroad. Individual services, packages or custom offers
Legal support Legal support Our legal service supports students during their stay by offering uncomplicated and affordable advice.

STUDYBENEFITS  |  The Swiss platform for services dedicated to the education of international students.

International schoolchildren, students, interns and au pairs in Switzerland :)



The Swiss economy is one of the most prosperous and well developed in the world. Due to innovations in technology fields as well as its political stability it is a country where many have come to prosper.

Additionally Switzerland is an education hub with universities and private schools that attract students and scholars from around the globe.

The quality of life is exceptional, the landscape often breathtaking and it is centered in the middle of Europe – but not part of the EU. The political capital is Bern, Geneva and Zurich are considered to be the centers of finance and in Basel the pharmaceutical industry has established itself.


There are many educational institutions in Switzerland – ranging from international primary schools to polytechnic institutions. Due to the fact that Switzerland is multilingual many international students broaden their horizon by choosing to enroll in Switzerland.

Many schools also offer their students the possibility of participating in an internship program in a Swiss company, so students who would like to test the waters of employment in Switzerland in their field can profit from these opportunities.

Due to the popularity however there are often waiting lists before being admitted – it is wise to plan well in advance.


The Studybenefits Team takes care of all aspects of studying in Switzerland. Multilingual in English, German as well as French Studybenefits offers their expertise to their clients in order to facilitate their stay in Switzerland.

Studybenefits offers the possibility of having only one point of contact instead of having to spend hours on the internet and telephone taking care of issues. The aim is for students to be able to concentrate on what they came for, their studies.

Solely the client remunerates the services offered and no commissions are received from third parties for products that Studybenefits recommends. This enables complete independence and neutrality, ensuring that the client’s interests always first priority.


  • Centralized information platform
  • One point of contact
  • Neutral and independent
  • Legal services
  • Transparent prices
  • Attractive packages
  • Multilingual

Individual Services

STUDYBENEFITS offers individual services that can be ordered seperately.

  • VISA & Residence permit
  • Budget & costs
  • Banks & Insurances
  • Legal advice
  • Health & help
  • Schools & universities
  • Accommodation
  • Services for parents


STUDYBENEFITS offers four attractive packages.

  • Package 1 : Immigration
  • Package 2 : Education
  • Package 3 : Delegated administration
  • Package 4 : Departure

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My husband and I have been looking for hotel schools in Switzerland. We were a bit lost with all of the information, a lot of it in not in English. So we contacted Studybenefits to make a budget and find some schools that we could consider. We absolutely do not regret it. We found a school, got help with immigration and received a detailed budget for our sons stay. They were great help!
My health insurance did not want to pay for my maternity bills. Thanks to the legal advice package from STUDYBENEFITS I was not alone. The team helped me with with all correspondence and finally the reimbursement did come through! Without STUDYBENEFITS this would not have been possible. Thank you so much!

Services from a neutral and independant partner

STUDYBENEFITS does not accept any commissions or remuneration from third parties and does not act as an agent or broker bound to a third party. All services are solely remunerated through the fees billed to clients.